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Ventura Driver Education
CA DMV Approved Ventura Drivers Ed Course

Ventura Drivers Ed On-line driver's ed is quickly becoming California's favorite choice in affordable teen driver safety instruction. The years of students learning driver's education at high school are almost extinct, and the days of teenagers going to boring Saturday classrooms for drivers education are also decreasing. With recent updates to California Driving Laws, DMV licensed driver schools meeting certain requirements can offer students a better, more in-depth online alternative to the traditional driver ed classroom. At, our California DMV approved program gives students the tools they need become knowledgeable drivers at a price that parents love.

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California DMV Completion Certificates Official DMV Certificates 

In addition to becoming more educated about California driving laws, a main goal of any teen in Ventura completing an on-line driver training course should be to earn a DMV Form DL400C certificate of drivers education completion. Upon passing the final test of your on-line driver's ed program, your completion certificate will be sent to you - this certificate is sometimes called a blue slip or pink slip). After you receive your certificate from us, take it to a CA DMV so you can take your written permit test.

Ventura Drivers EdDriver Education for All Cities In CA 

Seeking the highest quality driver's ed you can get in Ventura? Then we have the right course for you and your teen! At, get internet driver ed classes for any city in CA. That's right, we have Yuba driver's education, Mendocino drivers education, Imperial County driving school courses, Santa Barbara driver's ed classes, drivers education for Monterey, and thousands of other areas throughout California. When it comes to teen drivers ed, we're the best choice statewide.

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CA DMV License # E4141 DMV Licensed Driving School 

There's many driver schools in the Ventura that offer to meet your driver's education needs, but not many driving schools providing on-line drivers ed programs are licensed by the CA DMV. has chosen Drivers Ed Direct to provide their online drivers education program because Drivers Ed Direct is a DMV Licensed Driving School.

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